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We are dedicated to delivering the highest quality construction grade lumber, decking, and siding, to meet the needs of contractors and DIY enthusiasts alike. Our extensive inventory features a wide selection of top-of-the-line materials, guaranteeing you will find exactly what you need for your next project. 

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Welcome to Lumber Wood Panel, one of the best partners and provider of Premium Lumber products in Los Angeles.

You can view our top-of-the-line materials and wide range of lumber products. We have a dedicated experts and partners in our showroom as well as trade partners that can help you with all your needs for your next project. 

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About our Lumber

We understand the importance of timely deliveries, which is why we offer flexible scheduling options to meet your needs. You can place your order and schedule your delivery at a time that works best for you. If you need to make changes or cancel your order, our team is here to help.

When it comes to construction and woodworking, the quality of lumber used is critical to the success and longevity of the project. Quality materials are essential to ensure that the final product is structurally sound, aesthetically pleasing, and able to withstand the elements over time. You can visit our office and showroom in Chatsworth, California, Speak with us today!

Lumber Construction Projects

First and foremost, the quality of the wood used for construction or woodworking projects is crucial. Lumber that is of high quality will have fewer defects, such as knots, cracks, or splits. These defects can weaken the wood and make it less durable over time. Therefore, it is essential to select lumber that is free of defects and has been properly dried and cured.

Another critical factor to consider when selecting lumber is its species. Different wood species have different characteristics, such as hardness, strength, and durability. For example, hardwoods like oak and maple are denser and more durable than softwoods like pine and spruce. Selecting the right species of wood for your project is crucial to ensure that the final product is structurally sound and able to withstand the intended use.

Types of Lumber we offer

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